10 best podcasts for indie authors


10 best podcasts for indie authors

If you're an indie author looking for support on your self-publishing journey, here are the 10 best podcasts you should listen to.

The learning journey for an indie author is a big one. Even when you outsource you still need to know the basics so you can choose the best suppliers. Here we share our top 10 podcasts for indie authors that will help you on your publishing journey. 

7 best publishing podcasts for indie authors

These seven podcasts are produced by some of the biggest names in indie publishing making them an easy fit for our top ten podcasts for indie authors. If you are going to learn, learn from the best.

Each takes a different approach and will cover different areas but they all focus on professional production and working towards a commercial return.

1. Self Publishing Formula Podcast

The SPF Podcast provides weekly inspiration and education to writers at all stages of their careers. We feature interviews with million-selling indie authors, breakout stars from traditional publishing, industry insiders and tech geniuses who show you how to put the incredible tools at our disposal to their best use.

Why I love it: Mark and James are fantastic hosts with a great dynamic between them. They choose relevant interesting guests and ask good questions. I feel like I learn something new with each episode.

Featuring podcast from Selfpubform.

Available from:

2. Go Publish Yourself

Go Publish Yourself is a short and snappy show with 15-minute episodes discussing self-publishing tips indie authors can apply in order to enhance their publishing success.

Why I love it: Robin Cutler has a wealth of experience that shows in every episode and the short format makes these easy to fit into your day.

Available from:

3. The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn is an Award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers under J.F.Penn and also writes non-fiction for authors. She’s an award-winning entrepreneur, podcaster, and Youtuber. Podcast episodes include interviews, inspiration and information on writing and creativity, publishing options, book marketing and creative entrepreneurship.

Why I love it: Joanna is really positive and inspiring and will have you fired up and ready to write. A great addition to our podcasts for indie authors.

Featured podcast from Jfpennauthor.

Available from:

4. Ask ALLi Podcast

Are you new to self-publishing? Or a seasoned indie author who wants to cut through the noise to get only the most up-to-date and important self-publishing advice?

The “AskALLi Self-Publishing Advice Broadcast” is brought to you by the most trusted name in self-publishing, the nonprofit Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi).

Why I love it: ALLI pride themselves on being ethical and transparent so you can be confident in the information that comes through them. They also cover a wide range of topics from beginner to advanced so there's always something relevant for you.

Available from:

5. Self Publishing School

Chandler Bolt from Self Publishing School teaches how to write a book, how to launch it, and use it to grow a 6-figure income. Gary Vaynerchuk, Pat Flynn, Grant Cardone, Lisa Nichols and Russell Brunson are just a few of the successful authors you’ll learn from on this show.

Why I love it: Chandler is fantastic for non-fiction authors as his show takes a very commercial approach to publishing. If you want to add a book to your arsenal of business tools, this is the podcast for you.

Featured podcast from Self_pub_school.

Available from:

6. Kindlepreneur Podcast

Dave is the man behind Kindlepreneur, and this podcast is where he shares the best tips and ideas. Each episode features some of the best book marketing and promotional minds in our industry. And they work through a case to study to each episode’s lesson.

Why I love it: Dave Chesson always provides great material and answers on how to do things well in the kindle space. A must listen and addition to our top ten podcasts for indie authors.

Featured podcast from Kindlepreneur.

Available from:

7. Mentoring Writers Resource Box

With over thirty years’ experience as an award-winning author, speaker, writing mentor, and publishing consultant our Principle Mentor, Ann Brady, offers practical tips which will help new writers open the door to discovering the many facets of creating, developing and writing a book.

Why I love it: Ann is a wealth of information and practical ideas. She has run multiple successful businesses and brings that knowledge to the podcast. I love her supportive and no-fuss approach.

Featured podcast from Mentoring Writers.

Available from:

3 best non-publishing podcasts for indie authors

You may be wondering why I've included podcasts that aren't publishing focused in our top 10 podcasts for indie authors. Well it's important to learn and be inspired from many different arenas in order to develop as a well rounded author.

These podcasts cover both business and non-business and are always on my playlist.

8. Serial Podcast

Serial is a podcast from the creator of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial tells one story – a true story – over the course of a season. Each season, we follow a plot and characters wherever they take us. We won’t know what happens at the end until we get there, not long before you get there with us.

Why I love it: If you are new to podcasts, season 1 of Serial will hook you. It's gripping real life drama and shows the power of story told well. Listen and then read about their success and be inspired.

Featured podcast from SerialPodcast.

Available from:

9. Conversations

Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may, or may not, have heard about. Someone who has seen and done amazing things.

Why I love it: Unique life stories provide great fodder for authors and here are stacks of them. An Australian show, this might not be well known around the world but it will add so much value to your day. A must listen.

Available from:

10. Stories Podcast

The Stories Podcast was created to provide family-friendly content to families on the go, Always free, the podcast is a great way to entertain kids on the go. Plus limit screen time while encouraging imaginations.

Why I love it: My kids love the stories on here and I love seeing the community they have built. They ask for contributions via Patreon and then thank the supporters on the show. What a great additional revenue stream for an indie author.

Featured podcast from StoriesPodcast.

Available from:

Where to next?

I hope our top 10 podcasts for indie authors will educate and inspire you. What are your favourite podcasts? Let us know in the comments below. This list is just one of the resources we're created to help you on your publishing journey, make sure you check out our full list of indie author guides for more great info.

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