Old Mate Media up for Local Business Awards

Celebrating more success for our book publishing business, we’re a finalist in the Local Business Awards.

Local Business Awards Finalist

Founded almost four years ago by media and publishing veteran Chris Stead, Old Mate Media has passed many memorable milestones. We’ve released numerous children’s books, a cookbook and a comic book. There have also been a number of video game publications, various apps and most recently a science-fiction novel. You can find them all in the shop. We currently have 20 more books in various stages of production, with more to come. This includes our in-house work, as well as those of authors and illustrators across the world.

In addition Old Mate Media has supplied content and consulting services for a number of major brands across Australia. This includes Maxim, Red Bull, UNSW, MCV, finder.con.au, NBN Co., Rooster Teeth, EB Games, Hyper, Krash, It Girl and plenty more.

Now we have another exciting milestone to celebrate. It comes hot on the heels of founder Chris Stead’s selection as a finalist at the IT Journalism Awards. We’ve just been notified that Old Mate Media has reached the final judging stage of the Local Business Awards. Situated on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia, this award is recognises the achievements for businesses in the local area. Finalists are decided through numbers of nominations, so a huge thank you for those who supported us.

The Local Business Awards now enters into the final judging phase. We are in the Specialised Business category, which is slightly different from the traditional categories. We don’t have a storefront, for example: our storefront is worldwide. It will be quite a while before the winner is selected from the finalists, but fingers, toes and bookmarks crossed. Wish us luck for the gala presentation evening!

Where to Next?

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, a good place to start is with our Services. You can find these through the main menu. Within each step of the book production process you will find detailed information that can help you understand how to become published. Alternatively, grab one of our books and see what all the fuss is about.


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