Seeds and Trees a three times bestseller

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Seeds and Trees a three times bestseller

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Brandon Walden’s delightful exploration into the power of words, Seeds and Trees, goes to the top with a bullet.

For the last couple of months we have been working with American author Brandon Walden on his book Seeds and Trees. It’s a truly delightful tale. It focuses on a young prince who gathers and plants seeds. The green seeds grow into beautiful happy trees, but the dark seeds... well... they consume their brothers.

Thankfully, the prince meets a friend who shows him a different path. He can cut down the dark trees, uproot them and plant lovely green seeds in their place. Through this journey, kids – and parents reading to them – find a new way to approach positive thinking. This can help with situations like bullying and self-confidence.

When we first got our eyes on Seeds and Trees we fell in love with the gorgeous art. Illustrated by Kristen and Kevin Howdeshell, the little details helps drive you right down deep into its world. The powerful story of the prince then layers on top of the art. It's all very organic.

Brandon reached out to Old Mate Media seeking help digitlising the print publication he had already completed. He was also after help optimising his Amazon store description and keyword SEO. We’re happy to not only report that the Kindle version is on sale and an ePub completed for distribution through iTunes and other services. But also that’s it’s a bestseller.

A bestseller, three times over!

Obviously it all begins with a great piece of creative work from Brandon Walden. But for our part in the process, we’re really happy to have helped get him the number one spot in three Amazon categories. A reward that his book most certainly deserves. Congratulations to all involved, and if you haven’t already, make sure you pick up a copy of Seeds and Trees.

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Chris Stead

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