Background Remover - Image clipping / deep-etching service


Background Remover - Image clipping / deep-etching service

Whether it’s to give your designer more assets to work with on the creation of your book, or to market your completed story, our background remover service can help.

Depending on how familiar you are with the world of book design and the work of digital artists, you may have arrived here through a number of different terms. Deep-etching is the one we most commonly use. Others use the term clipping path or image clipping. But whatever name you use, the result is the same. Remove the background from an image, so that this singular image can be used separately for other purposes. This is what we provide with our background remover service.

There’s a multitude of reasons why you may want to remove a background from an image. As a result we’ve got a more detailed feature article on its use in book marketing, design and more. It's great for those seeking new ideas or additional information.

What do you get from our background remover service?

  • Professional advice on what is and isn’t possible with your source image.
  • A clean, deep-etched image provided as either a PNG file with a transparent background or a coloured background.
  • A file at the maximum resolution.
  • No royalties or other traps, you retain full ownership of the image.
  • Speedy service
  • Additional marketing ideas for your new image.

How much does our background remover service cost?

Removing an image from a background requires a different time investment on every occasion. So much depends on the source image. When looking at the clipping path for the image you want removed, how many jagged lines, turns and curves are involved? Image clipping a dog, for example, can be wildly different depending on the breed and art style. Maybe they have smooth skin and a rectangular shape. But sometimes they have thick coats of fur on oddly shaped bodies. Imagine going around each little whisper of hair with a pair of digital scissors to ensure the image clipping is clean!

That said, outside of the most extreme situations, we still offer a flat rate for our background remover service.

  • One image = US$20
  • Five images = US$75
  • Ten images = US$130

Please note: if you are taking up one of our other services, this rate will be subsidised or even included for free. In particular our art service, and our design service, which often overlap with removing a background.

To book our background remover service, EMAIL US NOW. Don’t be afraid to ask about discount opportunities if any of our other services could be of use.

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