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Understanding full bleed printing and how to design for bleed area

Understanding bleeds in printing and how they affect your images is vital! If you’re creating your own art, a self-publishing indie, or just working on your cover, it’s important you define bleed area accurately before you begin your image. Remember the line in Predator when Arnie, muscles bulging out ridiculously from every inch of his body, […]
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Step 1 to becoming an author: embracing the right writer mindset

So you’ve made a decision to become a creator of literature. Awesome! Here’s some advice to help you begin your journey with the right foot forward. UPDATE: There is currently a FREE Mindset Challenge! that we highly recommend set to begin next week. You can learn about our experience with this company in this article. Are you an author? […]
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Free children's picture book review service

If you’re an indie children’s picture book author looking for children’s picture book reviews, Old Mate Media can help. At Old Mate Media, we love making books. We also love helping other indie authors and illustrators self-publish their work. One of the biggest challenges facing any indie author releasing their book into a massive worldwide […]
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