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How to Embrace Selling as an Author

Authors must embrace selling as part of their journey. Why? And how? Let's find out... Have you read my article about finding your why? We talked about using this core message, this heart of your raison d’être to create your brand identity for your book or books. The next step is to talk about selling. […]
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The secret hack to create your author brand

Shhh - it's a secret. Start with Why... Does the thought of an author brand make you go ergh! Too hard basket? Or even too inauthentic? Not real or honest. Yep – its not a popular consideration for a lot of authors. What if I instead asked you why you started writing? Or what inspired […]
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New IngramSpark minimum wholesale discount

How will the IngramSpark discount change affect you? What is the IngramSpark minimum wholesale discount? IngramSpark is a wholesale distributor. This means that they on sell your books to retailers who then sell them to customers. IngramSpark do not sell direct to book buyers. IngramSpark is important for indie authors, especially children's authors as they […]
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Top tips for authors: How to get a US bank account

Learn how to get a US bank account for Amazon payments using Wise. Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) is an international currency transfer company that allows you to send and receive money all over the world. Their multi-currency accounts provide an excellent solution for authors from outside the US to receive their royalty payments. How […]
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How to get your book into stores

Today’s case study showcases a different approach to book sales that works very well for Old Mate Media author Ken Mackenzie.   Ken Mackenzie, the traditional 21-century author Indie author Ken Mackenzie is one of Old Mate Media’s traditional authors, publishing with us under a collaborative agreement. Ken has published four books through Old Mate […]
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How to register your book in Canada

Registering your book in Canada is an important step in making your book more available to libraries and the public. Find out how to register your book in Canada as an independent author through the legal deposit system.   Where do you register your book in Canada? Library and Archives Canada (LAC) keep records and […]
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5 ways to build a successful author brand identity

If you want success as an indie author, you're going to have to build a strong author brand identity. Here's how you can do it. We're delighted to welcome Anna Jonak from The Elevatory as a guest author to the blog to share her 5 key elements to building a strong brand identity for your […]
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How to successfully fund your book through Kickstarter with Todd Black

We talk to an author who has crowdfunded five comic books to discover what he has learned about the process. Kickstarter is the most popular crowdfunding platform in the world. A stunning US$3.24 billion has been pledged to Kickstarter over the years, funding over 130,000 projects. No wonder it’s a popular choice for indie authors […]
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