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Welcome to my rant about isolation with kids

Well this is a new world order isn’t it. And not one that I like. Suddenly myself and my husband are solely responsible for our children’s education, mental health, physical health, dietary needs and general well-being. This is not fun. I miss my village. If you are enjoying this time with your children, it’s probably […]
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The woman behind the books: musings on motherhood

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and grandmothers and even great grandmothers out there in the world as we celebrate the great domain of motherhood. I’m Kate, wife to Chris, founder of Old Mate Media and I’m the coordinator mastermind working behind the scenes in the business. (No false modesty here). One of our […]
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The making of Can You See The Magic?

Author Chris Stead details the making of his interactive children’s picture book, Can You See the Magic. The story behind the making of Can You See The Magic started at a wedding. A good mate of mine was getting married down in the Southern Highlands, south of Sydney Australia. It was a weekender, and the whole […]
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Why did I start making children’s books?

From journalist of the year to scratching away in the indie author scene, why did I choose the path of children’s book author? Wind back the clock just a few years, and my career was peaking nicely. I had never written any children's books, but I was running the Australian branch of the biggest video games […]
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My daughter likes to suck things off the floor

For all the good it’s doing her long-term immunity, I'm concerned by my daughter's never-ending desire to lick parts of the city. I often wonder if we get more prone to illness as we get older, or if we just get harder hit because we go too far in practicing cleanliness? My children are an argument […]
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