First Look at Wolves in the Wind

Wolves in the Wind Reveal

Award-winning author Chris Stead reveals the first image from his upcoming children’s picture book, Wolves in the Wind.

Boy has it been busy. Regular readers will have noticed that our content has slowed down over the last few months. There is a good reason for that! Old Mate founders Chris and Kate have been hard at work building a new home, large enough to fit their three kids. However, rest assured that there has still been plenty going on behind the scenes. In fact, we have over 20 books currently in production and ready to take the world by storm. It will be a busy end to 2018 and beyond.

We even have proof. One project we’ve been gestating since late 2017 is a book called Wolves in the Wind. Written by Chris Stead, it is being illustrated by the wonderful Victoria Miller. She is an Argentinian artist and mother we believe is wonderfully talented.

Above you can see one of the first images to emerge from her little studio, which will give you a great indication of the style we’re aiming for. The story itself is an old-school fairy tale, reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm. We don’t want to spoil too much just yet, but it follows a young brave girl who must save her village from a whistling wind so loud that nobody can sleep. In order to do that she must journey into a dangerous black forest to confront the wolves she has been taught to fear her entire life.

Stay up-to-date

Sadly we cannot give you an exact release date just yet, but we’d like to keep you updated. We can confirm it will be available in print and digital forms through Amazon and iTunes. If you sign-up for our newsletters, we’ll tell you that information as soon as it becomes available. Wolves in the Wind joins a host of books currently in production at Old Mate Media. You can see a dozen of our internal projects here.

In addition, we’re working on projects for a host of indie authors, getting their work edited, designed and published. The next one to watch out for is Austin the Australian, which is coming up a treat!


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