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Children's Book Reviews with Willy Nilly

At Old Mate Media, we make children’s picture books, so we love children’s book reviews. We love hearing feedback on our work. And we love how reviews can help parents and kids discover more titles from our catalogue. But it’s more than just that. We recently published an article detailing eight reasons why reviewing children’s books is vitally important to indie authors. In the new, digital landscape, it’s an artificial intelligence than selects what you see and what you don’t. And that AI likes reviews.

So we’re keen to stand by those words and review the work of other indie authors. Below you will find children’s book reviews of titles we’ve come across in our travels. We also invite indie authors and illustrators to submit their work for review. We hope you find something among the list that you and your family will enjoy.

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Author Interviews

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Children’s Book Reviews

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Stunno's Surf Adventure
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Two Knights and a Princess Cover - Children's Book Reviews
Blue Toll's Broken Berry Rod Cover
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Military Friends ABC Cover
My Buddy Knows Letters Cover
Count With Me Cover
Zach's Quest Cover
The Beetle and the Berry Cover
Tigger and Jasper's New Home Cover

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