Follow The Breadcrumbs launches in print with a FREE special

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Follow The Breadcrumbs launches in print with a FREE special

Chris Stead
 | Updated March 8, 2021

Finally it’s here! Follow the Breadcrumbs is now available in print format. We have officially launched our print editions in both hardcover and paperback of this, the second adventure in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series.


Where Does Willy Nilly’s Imagination Go This Time?

This adventure starts with an ordinary trip to the lake, but then Willy’s imagination takes over. His big idea is to build his own lake in his backyard so the animals can visit him. He digs the “lake,” fills it with water and uses breadcrumbs to lure the animals back to his house. Willy soon discovers a great idea can lead to a whole lot of trouble when every animal in the lake arrives in his backyard.

This hilarious tale will have your kids laughing out loud as Willy works hard to get himself out of trouble and get all the animals back where they belong to entertain those visiting the lake.

Celebrating the Launch with a FREEBIE!

We do love a good freebie here at Old Mate Media and so to celebrate the launch of this fabulous book in print, we decided to put all the digital editions on sale. So you can test out the digital version and then get yourself a print copy to go with it.

Be quick though as it will only be free for a limited time. Get your digital version from the stores below:

    available-at-amazon               Get-it-on-itunes

5 Stars from Reviewers Around the World

Readers love Follow the Breadcrumbs with many five star reviews on both Amazon and Apple Books. Plus our recent five star review from Readers’ Favorite. Here are just a couple of the most recent ones:

“What I enjoyed most about this adventure was how full each page felt. Whether picking out items discarded throughout Willy's room or finding every single animal at the pond, there is plenty to explore and learn even beyond the great story.”

John Kruger: 5 Stars

“This is a delightful and energetic adventure! The author was very creative in thinking up this wonderful story! 

Each illustration elaborates a part of the story. Very lovely illustrations by the way. This would be an easy book for a young child to follow along while looking at the pictures and listening to the story.

The ideas at the beginning of the book for some comparative reading and useful tips for parents and teachers looks very helpful! So many children are home-schooled these days.

I’m a big fan of reading to children. I think a book like this helps spread the imagination wide!! What would happen if there is a homemade lake in the yard, will the animals come? Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs is a great idea!

As an adult reading the story for fun, I was entertained and charmed! I plan to share this book with my seven-year-old grandson, I think this will be perfect for him!”

K.L.: 5 stars

Where to Next for Willy Nilly?

Follow the Breadcrumbs is the second adventure in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series. The first story The Little Green Boat is also available in print and digital formats, including a brand new app version. Willy also explores the challenges of go-karts in The Fastest Kid in the World, coming soon to print. And he helps to save Christmas in the most recent story, Christmas Chimney Challenge.

We’ve got more Willy adventures on the way and the best way to keep in touch with his new stories is to sign up to our newsletter. Plus of course you can find us on all the social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Chris Stead

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