Amazon sales page tips - 3 easy ways to improve Amazon sales of your children's book


Amazon sales page tips - 3 easy ways to improve Amazon sales of your children's book

For better or worse, Amazon has the biggest audience and therefore sales opportunity for your children’s picture book. Enjoy these tips in our Amazon sales guide.

At Old Mate Media, we work with authors all around the world to help them create the best children’s book possible, presented in the best possible way. As well as design, art and editing, we also specialise in Amazon keyword research and sales descriptions. But for children’s picture books already on sale, there are also some quick and easy fixes authors can implement themselves. Here we’ll take you through three options to optimise your children’s book sale page on Amazon.

Amazon Sales Page Tips

1. Have both digital and print formats available

We often speak with children’s book authors who don’t have a digital version of their print book available. They either don’t believe in digital books for kids, or by the time they created their print version, they were too exhausted to even consider a digital version. Or they simply don’t know where to start with the process.

But, if you are selling on Amazon, a digital version is essential.

Amazon is crafted entirely around giving the best experience to the consumer. This experience is driven by the Amazon algorithm, a mysterious and intelligent (and frustrating?) system that we all want to understand so we can beat it at its own game.

Giving consumers a wide choice is a core value for Amazon and this is represented with children’s picture books in all the formats it has available. This means that the algorithm rewards books that have both a print and digital version available.

If that’s not reason enough, there are promotional opportunities available to those with digital books that aren’t available to print only titles. Primarily through Kindle Unlimited and KDP free promotion periods.

Amazon does provide free tools to create digital versions of books, but they often don’t produce the best results. The Kindle Kids Book Creator is extremely basic, but if you have the PDF for your book and it’s in favourable dimensions, you can create a basic Kindle edition that will do the job.

Alternatively, we specialise in creating digital products at Old Mate Media, especially children’s books, for not just Kindle, but iTunes, Draft 2 Digital and more.

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Old Mate Media is offering a discounted children’s eBook conversion package for the month of July.

Just email us with the link to your book and we’ll send you a quote.

2. Increase the look inside option

The Look Inside feature allows shoppers to see a few pages of your book before they buy. This is a fantastic preview option and one that many authors don’t use.

If you have a Kindle version, you automatically have the Look Inside feature activated. However, if you only have a print version, you need to apply to get this going. You can find out how at this Amazon help page (another good reason to have a digital version).

For Kindle authors, the default amount of your children’s picture book available from Look Inside is 10%. Often for a picture book, this is often just not enough to get an idea of the story. Sometimes all you get to see is the copyright, title and dedication pages.

The good news is, you can easily increase the proportion shown up to a maximum of 45%. All you need to do is contact Amazon and ask them to do this. Just head to “Contact Us” within KDP and then find the “Book Samples” section as shown in the image below. You can then either email them or call them to get Amazon to increase the percentage. Easy.


3. Match the description for each format using Author Central

A good-looking Amazon sales page for your children’s picture book helps with conversion rates. There are many ways to improve your description, such as optimising the sales pitch and using html to include formatted text. But what if you have your versions coming from different places with different submission options?

Your IngramSpark hardback description may come up looking entirely different to your KDP Paperback. This lack of consistency is not a good look for shoppers.

The good news is that there is an easy fix. You can manage your book descriptions for all your books at Author Central. When you have books for sale on Amazon from different distributors, it’s worth taking the time to set up your descriptions to match in Author Central.

To do this, just head to Author Central and click on the Books tab as shown in the image below.


Then you select the book you want to change and click Edit on the Product Description. Author Central does have a lovely word processor style text editor you can use, or you can pop your html in there as well. Just test the html because sometimes you need to tweak it for it to work properly in Amazon.

Do remember that changes made in the KDP Bookshelf often override changes made in Author Central, so if you republish your book, you might need to go back and tweak things again. You can always copy the html from Author Central to your KDP Bookshelf to prevent any issues.

There’s No Magic Bullet to Improving Your Sales - Just a Lot of Tweaks

Changing these three things will not rocket your book to the top of the bestseller lists, toppling Dr Seuss or The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series forevermore. But every little bit helps and setting some time aside to go through and tick these boxes is something worth doing.

Here at Old Mate Media we work with authors at every stage of the publication process as well as producing free guides on key topics like this one. The best way to keep in touch with our resources and offers is to sign up for our author newsletter. Otherwise you can find us on all the expected social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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