How to convert your children’s book into a children’s book app


How to convert your children’s book into a children’s book app

If you want to increase your discoverability by one billion Apple iTunes users, we can help convert your children's book into an app.

You know what’s really annoying? Apple’s iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, provide the best digital eBook experiences on the market. However, these books are nowhere to be found on iTunes. Instead, they must be searched for through the lesser known and underutilised Apple Books app. The result is far less organic discoverability. And worse, being constantly asked by potential readers, “I wanted to get your book, but I couldn’t find it on iTunes.”

The best product; the worst delivery. Oh Apple, it’s always two steps forward one step back with you.

So what’s the solution? You need your story to not only be available on Apple Books, but to be an app on iTunes. You need a children’s book app. Which is why we’re very happy to announce that converting books into apps is our latest service here at Old Mate Media.

New children’s cook to app conversion service

At Old Mate Media, we specialise in helping indie authors turn their ideas into published works. We hold your hand through the entire journey, helping you where you need it most and giving you access to over 25-years of publishing experience. At Old Mate Media, we’re about more than just producing a world-class product. We’re all about coaching and empowering indie authors to better understand the business of book production while retaining 100-percent ownership of their creations.

We’ve now added children’s book to children’s book app conversion as one of our services, too. To enquire, send us an email now.

The cost of converting your book to an app will be tailored to your needs. There is no reason to pay for extras you don’t need. But some of the factors that could influence the price are:

  1. Whether the book needs to be designed from scratch or whether you already have design files.
  2. How close your original book design is to the iOS screen sizes.
  3. Does Old Mate Media need to handle the upload to iTunes, account setup and sales page?
  4. Have you already done your keyword research?
  5. The number of interactive elements you want to add.

We can of course change any book to an app. We’re focusing in on children’s books in this post as novels and long-form literature isn’t particularly enhanced by the ePub format. It’s just text after all. However, cookbooks, instruction manuals, travel or education titles and other such experiences are certainly worth considering for app form.

Why should you create a children’s book app?

As we detailed above, iOS is by far and away the best medium to showcase a digital children’s book experience. You may be thinking, “what about Amazon?” It’s true that the majority of interest in books does come through Amazon. You absolutely should have a print and Kindle edition of your book, and we can help you with that.

However, Amazon’s Kindle feels a decade out of date, archaic and unwieldly. The ePub 3 and touchscreen combination offered on iOS is, by comparison, is a creative’s delight. Here you can showcase sounds, speech, animations, interactive buttons, live content and more. Check out the trailer at the end of this story, for example.

None of this can be done – at least, not cost effectively - on Amazon’s Kindle. And the conversion process isn’t necessarily an expensive process, depending on the particulars of your files and book. Just reach out to us and start that discussion.
Little Green Boat App

The best children’s book app

The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series is our favourite here at Old Mate Media. We make a lot of children’s picture books, but it all started with The Little Green Boat and Willy Nilly. He now has three sequels, too, and another three are completed and ready for us to design. And we’ve loved seeing years of kids (and their parents) respond so well to the story.

The book has been available in print and digital forms via Amazon for quite a while, and as an interactive ePub through Apple Books. You can now also find it as a children’s book app on iTunes. Purpose built for this environment, it’s a great way to experience Willy Nilly. Plus, you can download and enjoy it no matter where you are.

The Little Green Boat is about a young boy who heads down to the beach with his family on a very hot summer’s day. While exploring in the sand dunes, he discovers a little green boat sitting abandoned in the sand. Empowered by his wild imagination, Willy jumps in and imagines he is out over the ocean looking for pirate treasure.

Of course, when a big wave comes along, it picks up the boat and carries him out to a deserted island. Here he must get help from dolphins and brave coconut-throwing monkeys, screeching bats and leaping crocodiles if he is going to find a special treasure and make his way home. We hope you enjoy it in whichever form suits you best.

Where to next?

We’re here to help at Old Mate Media, so if you are interested in publishing a book, why not start by looking through our free guides. You can also check out some of our previously released books, and sign-up to our newsletter.


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