How to upload to KDP: Get your book metadata sorted


How to upload to KDP: Get your book metadata sorted

What is your book's metadata? Here's everything you need to know about uploading your book information to KDP and other stores.


Source: Neilson study

Your book's metadata is all the information you upload to KDP and other retailers.  It's how you position your book on the storefronts. It ranges from essential details like the price, to sales components like keywords and categories. We’ll take you through exactly what you need for KDP and share a nifty trick to make Book Metadata much easier.

Why is book metadata important?

Your Book Metadata contains all the core information about your book. You will use this information in your social media, press releases, advertising, book reviews and many more places.

Neilson have conducted numerous studies that show that the better metadata you have on your book, the better your sales.

This goes for your Amazon upload, your Bowker ISBN record and your information provided to all the different retailers.

If you can keep your book metadata together in one place, where you always know where it is. You will

What book metadata do I need for KDP?

The process of uploading your book to KDP can be intimidating and it will help if you have all your book metadata together before you start.

Here is a complete list of the information you’ll need to gather or consider which option you’ll choose:

  • Language
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Series Information
  • Edition
  • Author
  • Contributors
  • Description
  • Keywords (7 words or phrases)
  • Categories
  • Age and Grade Range
  • Pre-order/Sell Now
  • Book File
  • Cover File
  • ISBN
  • Publisher
  • KDP Select (Yes or No)
  • Territories
  • Royalty and Pricing
  • Matchbook
  • Book Lending

What’s the best way to store my book metadata?

Keeping track of your book metadata is easy when you only have one book and it’s just available on KDP. But then, what about when you want to advertise through one of the newsletters? Or you decide to go wide and start using more retailers? More formats? Or you have several books? Suddenly, there’s more information and it becomes more confusing.

Don’t worry we’re here to help, and we’ve created a Book Metadata Spreadsheet Template just for you (we do love a good template at Old Mate Media).

The template includes all the sections you’ll need to complete for KDP, Bowker and advertising platforms and also includes the BISAC and BIC subject code lists.

This simple spreadsheet will save you a ton of time when you are publishing, launching and promoting your books.


Where to next?

We hope you found this brief introduction to Book Metadata useful. This is just one of our free Indie Author Guides that we’ve developed. If there’s a topic you’d like covered, do let us know in the comments or by dropping us an email. Make sure you grab your free book metadata spreadsheet and remember you can find us on all the usual social channels; Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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