Free Children's Picture Book Reviews Service


Free Children's Picture Book Reviews Service

At Old Mate Media, we love making books. We also love helping other indie authors and illustrators self-publish their work. One of the biggest challenges facing any indie author releasing their book into a massive worldwide market is getting noticed, getting reviews and beginning to generate some momentum in sales and word-of-mouth. So we’d like to start helping in that regard, too.

How to use our children’s picture book reviews service

Our goal is to keep this process as uncomplicated as possible. In order to be considered for a review – and we will try and review every request we get – simply email us. Include as much of the following as you can manage:

  1. A small 100 or so words introduction about you and your book
  2. The cover art for our review page > 150KB
  3. An image from the book to go alongside the review
  4. Access to the book, such as a code to download the digital version
  5. A link to where people can go to buy the book
  6. (Optional) Include an image of yourself

Why is OMM qualified to do children’s picture book reviews?

Old Mate Media’s founder, Chris Stead, has been working in the media for 20-years. Primarily he has been providing reviews of entertainment products (video games, movies, music, books) to some of the world’s biggest brands. Closer to home, he has published seven children’s picture books of his own. Plus he runs Old Mate Media’s editing, designing and publishing services, helping authors to get their children’s picture books published. Most important of all, he has three children six and under that love their books. They help with testing content for our children’s picture book reviews.

How much does it cost?

Receiving one of our children’s picture book reviews is free. Outside of supplying us a copy of the book to review - preferably by digital code to keep everything cost-effective – there is no cost. We only have two requirements.

  1. The first is that, once the review is posted up on Old Mate Media, you share the link through your social channels.
  2. The second is that you link to it on your website, preferably in a post notifying your fans the review is live.

You should be doing these things anyway, as the purpose of the review is to help awareness. But we’ve learned from previous experience, that people often need encouragement.

Don’t Have a Digital Book?

If you’re an author who has a book, but only available in physical form, what should you do? You can of course send a physical book, but alternatively you can inquire about our digital conversion service. Depending on what files you have access to, we might be able to get your book redesigned as an ePub for you to self-publish for an affordable price. We can also publish it on your behalf if you need help with that. If you would like to learn more, email us.

Hopefully our new children’s picture book reviews service can help more indie authors find more readers. After all, you can never have too many books.

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