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Best Black Friday deals for authors in 2020

It’s Black Friday and there are deals and more deals everywhere! I’m going to share just a few of the good ones that I’ve spotted for authors in our article. Do let me know if you see any others we should include. ProWriting Aid ProWritingAid is a grammar guru, style editor and writing mentor in […]
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November news from Old Mate Media

We’re here to share some November news from the Old Mate Media stable and some important order dates for you as we prepare for the Christmas season. Old Mate Media author Ken Mackenzie featured on Chat & Spin Radio We were very excited to hear Ken’s radio interview on Chat & Spin Radio last week. […]
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How to publish on both KDP and IngramSpark

Where do you publish your paperback book to reach the widest audience? To Amazon? To IngramSpark? The best solution is to do both. But how do you do it? We’ll walk you through the steps and show you how to avoid mistakes along the way. Why Publish to Both KDP and IngramSpark? As you complete […]
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Indie author industry news - May 2019

There's been some interesting stuff happening in the publishing world and we wanted to share it with you in an easy bite size read. IngramSpark is running a fabulous competition. IngramSpark is giving authors the chance to display their books at various book fairs for free! Get in fast as the comp ends on the […]
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IngramSpark price increase for self-published authors explained

An IngramSpark price increase has just been announced for the production of all books and this is how it will impact self-published authors.   It always sends a sudden down the spine when you see the words “price increase” in the subject of an email. So it was when IngramSpark sent out an email today. […]
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How to get a free IngramSpark title setup

You're an indie author trying to self-publish your book, right? There are many costs to factor in and here we share some easy steps to save potentially hundreds of dollars in fees with IngramSpark.   Updated 3 July 2020 The more money you can save on the logistics of getting your book on sale, the […]
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Controversy at the IngramSpark indie publishing forum

At the Indie Publishing Forum in Sydney, Australia, Robyn Cutler - the head of IngramSpark - said something quite controversial. But it provided an insight self-published indie authors shouldn't miss. I recently attended the Indie Publishing Forum and it was quite fantastic. It was great not only being among other indie authors, but also hearing […]
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Head of IngramSpark gives her top 12 tips for indie authors

Old Mate Media was at the Indie Publishing Forum, where the head of IngramSpark, Robin Cutler, offered her advice and tips for self-publishing indie authors. Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural Indie Publishing Forum in Sydney. This fantastic event brought together more than 100 indie authors, booksellers and publishers to […]
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IngramSpark interview: answers to your self-publishing questions

There is one debate you're bound to find raging in every self-publishing community: IngramSpark or Createspace? The two dominant players in print-on-demand both have their advantages and disadvantages. We had plenty of self-publishing questions to ask when we began our IngramSpark interview with Australian account manager, Emma Hall. What is IngramSpark? Before we start the IngramSpark interview, a […]
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