Writer and Author Services at Old Mate MediaHiring a Writer and Author for a Children’s Book

There’s two halves to a picture book; the writer and the artist. And if you are an artist and illustrator looking for a story, or simply have a great idea, Old Mate Media can help.

There are three types of services to do with the written word offered by Old Mate Media. If you are after our content creation, writer and editing services for websites, magazines, marketing, digital and general media production, head to content creation page. However, if you are an artist or illustrator, or someone with a great idea but lacking in the skills to convert that idea into a story, then you are in the right place. We have a writer who can help.

Writing Stories for Artists

Old Mate Media is always on the lookout for new opportunities to work with artists and illustrators to bring new stories to life. We see this process as a collaborative one where we would enter into a partnership and produce the work together. A writer and an artist working with a fair revenue share and no upfront cost. As passionate creators of our own original children’s books, when committing fully to the creative process, we’d prefer to partner on new books rather than sell the creation outright.

The writer and author service can be engaged from either end; we can begin with a story and then look to create the art to fit. Or – and more commonly with artists – Old Mate Media can take existing art and create a story that works with what has already been created. For instance, we come across artists with a portfolio or Instagram account with a number of images set in the same world and with the same characters. These can be retrofitted into a story and published. This is a great way to monetise existing work.

Old Mate Media founder Chris Stead is a writer who has published over a dozen children’s books, a number of which have put together under this collaborative relationship.

Here is what you can expect from Old Mate Media’s children’s book writing service:

  • A collaborative experience between writer and artist
  • World-class writing
  • Unique and original story and characters
  • Editing, design and publishing services for free
  • A fair revenue split

Consulting on Children’s Book Ideas

In addition, we can also help you with refining and fleshing out your idea for a children’s picture book. If you’ve written it down, but want advice or help fleshing it out, that’s a service we offer. There is a lot of crossover between our Writer Service, and our Editing Service, too. It depends on how far along, and how committed you are, to the production of the book. Our Art Service could also be of interest, in particular preparing text so that it can be interpreted by an artist.

Children’s Book Writing Services Price Expectations

As mentioned, when writing stories to work with artists and illustrators, we prefer to enter into a collaborative relationship. This has no upfront cost and utilises a revenue share arrangement. Although if this does not work for you, we can discuss it further. The cost of consulting on your existing written work and maximising it for sale is dependent on what is completed. How far are you along with your idea? As a result, we try to work to an hourly rate to keep the cost down.

For more information on these services, please email us.

Here are our other services; and remember that we can bundle a few together depending on your needs:

Editing – Step 2
Art – Step 3
Design – Step 4
Publish – Step 5