Old Mate Media Editing ServicesProfessional Editing of Children’s Books

Are you looking for a professional editor to get your children’s picture book, YA book, comic, magazine or novel published? Old Mate Media can help!

Getting your children’s book, or any literature for that matter, professionally edited is vital to success. Editing involves a lot more than ensuring words are spelled correctly and everything is grammatically sound. That is the role and limitations of a sub-editor. An Editor provides those services, but also builds on them to provide direction and integrity to the story as a whole. The result is a relationship between the overarching story and the text that builds from line-to-line, page-to-page, across the whole book. Our editing service follows these principles to provide the best reader experience for your target demographic.

It’s particular important with children’s picture books. This is because word choice is critical and there must be a relationship between the images and the text. In addition, the narrative is often read by a third-person (a parent) and therefore needs to function phonetically. Old Mate Media does edit novels, travel books, cookbooks, magazines and more, but we also actively create and publish our own children’s picture books. Consequently, it gives us a deeper insight into the genre’s requirements and how to maximise text for young readers.

Here is what you can expect from Old Mate Media’s editing service:

  • Ensure spelling is correct
  • That grammar functions and flows from a phonetic perspective
  • Make sure your word choice matches the understanding levels of your target demographic
  • Ensure the story flows organically and naturally between pages
  • Our team checks that stanzas connect to each other and are enhanced by the images
  • Enhance the relationship between characters and scenarios and ensure they’re consistent with the theme
  • Minimise fat/bloat in the text or unnecessary pages (cutting down on art costs)
  • Suggest alternatives to the above and implement desired changes.

Old Mate Media founder Chris Stead – a father of three kids – has been working in media for 20-years. This includes periods as editor and editor-in-chief of some of the biggest brands in the world. Famous names like Maxim, Game Informer, MCV, GamePro, Krash, Sydney Morning Herald and more. Currently he is consulting on editorial direction for brands like finder.com.au and the University of New South Wales. He is the creator and publisher of over a dozen children’s picture books. And he brings all that experience to your book.

Children’s Book Editor Price Expectations

Picture books can come in all shapes and sizes, and as a result there is no one-shoe-fits-all price. First of all, they can be written by authors who may not have English as a first language or any previous writing experience,  The cost can also depend on whether you have prepared image briefs to run alongside your text or not, and whether they need to be edited or created. Due to the importance placed on an image in a children’s picture book, page count impacts the price as much as word count.

In order to get a quote, please email us.

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