Old Mate Media Book Reading at the Kids Gifts and Toys Bazaar

This weekend author Chris Stead will do a children’s book reading to the kids at Newport’s latest children’s festival.

Children's Book Reading at Newport

There’s nothing quite like doing a children’s book reading. It’s a large reason why I started creating children’s books to begin with. Being able to build something that you can share with your children is awesome. Watching as they fall in love with the characters and become immersed in the world is extraordinarily fulfilling. Then you get to do it for them in front of their mates! I’ve previously read through some of my books at the kids’ kindergarten and they were very well received. This weekend, we step up to a bigger stage, and a day of children’s book reading fun and excitement.

Local Northern Beaches mum Lizzie Wall has been busy working away on the Kids Gifts and Toys Bazaar. It’s an exciting event that will be debuting in Newport this Sunday, October 30. Unfolding at the Newport Community on The Blvd, it will run between 10am and 3pm. It’s free to attend, which is fantastic, with plenty for parents and kids to enjoy without spending a cent. This includes arts and crafts, busking, family yoga, a toy sale, a disco with DJ Pee Wee Ferris and…

A Children’s Book Reading

Yes it’s the “storytelling” component of the bazaar that involves Old Mate Media. So what can you expect from our children’s book reading. We’ll be showcasing the first three books in the mighty Willy Nilly series. Plus we’ll be dipping into our catalogue, including A Very Strange Zoo, My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home, Trouble at the Zoo and the stunning, just released Can you See the Magic? We’ll also have giveaways, some sneak peeks at upcoming books and a special, free offering you won’t want to miss.

One of the reasons why we were so excited to be involved in Lizzie’s bazaar is because of the focus on local creative people. The kid’s market is filled with stalls where locals can show off their homemade wares. For us that happens to be books, and the kids will get a chance to enjoy the adventures with a children’s book reading. But you’ll find plenty more on offer and lots of ways to support local parents.

It will be a beautiful 26-degrees on Sunday, a perfect day for the beach, so stick your head in and say “hello.”


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