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Introducing Ask Kate – your indie author answer service

There are always so many questions for new authors and experienced authors. The learning journey to publish is a big one. And sometimes when you ask these questions, you get so many responses you end up more confused than ever. We’re here to help. Ask me your questions and I will give you one answer […]
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Five star review for Can You See The Magic

Old Mate Media is very excited to share a fantastic review and a special to celebrate one of our favourite books, Can You See The Magic. Enjoy Can You See The Magic's five star review from Readers Favorite. What is Readers' Favorite? Readers' Favorite is one of the internet's most respected book review websites. The […]
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Five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs

Old Mate Media is very excited to share some positive news about one of our books. Readers' Favorite has awarded a five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs.  What is Readers' Favorite? Readers' Favorite is one of our favourite (ha ha) review sites. You can find reveiws of all sorts of books on there, from […]
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How do I use an Apple Books promo code to get my free book

Apple Books is the digital book reader for iPhones, Macs and iPads. It used to be called iBooks and basically it is the Apple version of the Kindle and Kindle App. Indie Authors frequently distribute Apple Books codes to readers to download and review their books, but how do you get the code to work […]
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How to get a free Readers' Favorite book review

Getting book reviews is one of the most talked about topics in indie self-publishing. So how do you get started?              How do you get those pesky readers and bloggers to review your book? It's a question we all face in the self-publishing scene. We need those star ratings and blog […]
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How to add editorial reviews to your book’s amazon page

Are you missing out on an opportunity to sell your books? Did you know that Amazon gives you a free promotion opportunity right in the middle of your sales page? In this article we will take you through the simple process to add editorial reviews to your book sales page.   Few things lead to […]
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Lulu and Lainey interview – indie authors series

In celebration of the launch of her fourth book, we interview indie author Lois Petren, about her incredible cute Lulu and Lainey series. There’s no shortage of charm to the Lulu and Lainey books by Lois Petren. The premise itself is irresistible. A little girl who loves to knit, Lulu, has befriended her favourite ball […]
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Martha The Blue Sheep children's picture book review

Author Gabrielle Yetter inspires children to embrace who they are, even if they are different, with the help of two talented Cambodian artists. Gabrielle Yetter’s journey is inspiring. British born, she had been working as a journalist in South Africa, but had grown tired of the nine-to-five. Tired of life on the treadmill, as she […]
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The Beetle and the Berry review

The Beetle and the Berry by indie author Eve Heidi Bine-stock is a cute little tale for toddlers about overcoming adversity through lateral thinking. It’s fair to say that Eve Heidi Bine-stock has a love affair with words. One of her fondest ever memories is receiving a dictionary as a gift on her 13th birthday. […]
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A Tale for Christmas: Zach’s Quest review

Author Matt Dragovits delivers an action-packed, Disney inspired Christmas adventure that is plenty of fun regardless of the season. Christmas at author Matt Dragovits’ house must have been something to see when he was a little boy. One of nine children, with parents very much into the commercial and spiritual spirit of Christmas, you can […]
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