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Apple reveals key Christmas dates for authors

If you’re an indie author hoping to get your book available on Apple Books before Christmas, there are some key dates to keep in mind. It makes sense to have your book available before Christmas. After all, it’s the biggest buying frenzy of the year. You have millions of households all over the globe looking […]
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Five star review for Can You See The Magic

Old Mate Media is very excited to share a fantastic review and a special to celebrate one of our favourite books, Can You See The Magic. Enjoy Can You See The Magic's five star review from Readers Favorite. What is Readers' Favorite? Readers' Favorite is one of the internet's most respected book review websites. The […]
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Kobo reveals 60% growth in eBook sales

One of the biggest online retailers of books, Kobo, has revealed huge growth in eBook consumption during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Digital books haven’t had the smoothest of journeys over the past decade. Some years have seen growth, others have seen declines, but generally eBooks has been slowly climbing in popularity. It’s a shame given […]
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Best isolation activities for kids guide book - out now

Old Mate Media has been stuck in isolation parenting hell, so we’ve put together a curated list of the best at home activities you can do with your kids for free. Thinking up new isolation activities for kids is quite tedious. We thought home-schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic was bad, but the school holidays made […]
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Follow The Breadcrumbs launches in print with a FREE special

Finally it’s here! Follow the Breadcrumbs is now available in print format. We have officially launched our print editions in both hardcover and paperback of this, the second adventure in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series.   Where Does Willy Nilly’s Imagination Go This Time? This adventure starts with an ordinary trip to the […]
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Five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs

Old Mate Media is very excited to share some positive news about one of our books. Readers' Favorite has awarded a five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs.  What is Readers' Favorite? Readers' Favorite is one of our favourite (ha ha) review sites. You can find reveiws of all sorts of books on there, from […]
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How do I use an Apple Books promo code to get my free book

Apple Books is the digital book reader for iPhones, Macs and iPads. It used to be called iBooks and basically it is the Apple version of the Kindle and Kindle App. Indie Authors frequently distribute Apple Books codes to readers to download and review their books, but how do you get the code to work […]
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How to convert your children’s book into a children’s book app

If you want to increase the discoverability of your books by the one billion strong Apple iTunes audience, we can help convert it to a children’s book app.   You know what’s really annoying? Apple’s iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, provide the best digital eBook experiences on the market. However, these books […]
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The best new Christmas book for kids stars Willy Nilly

Old Mate Media’s new release children’s book Christmas Chimney Challenge is available now in print and as an eBook via Amazon Paperback, Amazon Kindle and Apple Books. Willy Nilly has a problem. There is only two days left till Christmas and he has just realised his house does not have a chimney. If he has […]
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Five star review for My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home

Old Mate Media is very excited to share some positive news about one of our books. My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home by Chris Stead has received a five star review from Readers' Favorite.   What is Readers' Favorite? If you've ever gone looking for book reviews, chances are you've come across Readers' Favorite. […]
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