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Superheroes Wear Masks children’s picture book out now

Award-winning author Chris Stead releases Superheroes Wear Masks, a children’s picture book that will help kids deal with their COVID anxiety. There are very few people in the world that haven’t been impacted by COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic. For adults it has been hard going, but at least mature humans have a better chance […]
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Gentle George children’s chapter book out now

Old Mate Media has released Gentle George, a chapter book for early readers that explores the importance of friendship and bravery. Working in a mine has never been a safe career, but it was even worse in the past. Before robots and vehicles and modern safety equipment. Back then, it was all done by hand. […]
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Have a Willy Nilly Christmas

Nothing could be more fun than a Willy Nilly Christmas. It’s the holiday season and as a special treat, we’re sharing an early first look at the seventh book in The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series. It’s Christmas time – yay! We’re putting down the keyboard for a few weeks to enjoy some time […]
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A Tale for Christmas: Zach’s Quest review

Author Matt Dragovits delivers an action-packed, Disney inspired Christmas adventure that is plenty of fun regardless of the season. Christmas at author Matt Dragovits’ house must have been something to see when he was a little boy. One of nine children, with parents very much into the commercial and spiritual spirit of Christmas, you can […]
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Military Friends ABC review

Author Tony Hunter turns his experience in the military into a unique early learning children’s picture book. I’m not a military man. In Australia –a relatively young nation locked on an island thousands of miles from anywhere – the military isn’t the cultural priority it is in other regions. We have a lot of respect […]
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Win fantastic prizes in our reader survey competition

Old Mate Media is partnering with a number of great indie authors on a reader survey. Here is the prize pack on offer for those who get involved. What is the survey competition? Old Mate Media has partnered with a number of talented independent authors to bring you an amazing prize pack of books. You can […]
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Then The Tooth Fairy Won’t Come review - children's book reviews

Author Bonnie Ferrante bites into the drama that surrounds your child’s first loose tooth Prolific Canadian writer Bonnie Ferrante is an intriguing figure in the indie authoring scene. A teacher for 33 years, ten as the school’s librarian, she has since been battling Parkinson’s Disease. Fighting back against this life-altering condition, Bonnie writes and illustrates […]
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Free children's picture book review service

If you’re an indie children’s picture book author looking for children’s picture book reviews, Old Mate Media can help. At Old Mate Media, we love making books. We also love helping other indie authors and illustrators self-publish their work. One of the biggest challenges facing any indie author releasing their book into a massive worldwide […]
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Sneak peek at upcoming books by Old Mate Media

We have a range of upcoming books and projects in production at Old Mate Media, and we hope you’re excited by each of the following. It’s been a very busy 2016 for Old Mate Media, and as we head towards 2017, we’ve got a stack of upcoming books on the way. Joining the nine books […]
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Picture book report: buying and reading habits of parents

The results of our children's picture book survey with parents from across the world are in. Read the full report. At Old Mate Media, we make children’s picture books. And a children’s picture book is bought by a parent or grandparent to read to the little people in their lives. So in order to best deliver our books […]
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