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It's an honor and a privilege to help showcase Old Mate Media. From my first conversation with Kate and Chris, I knew I was in good hands. As a couple, the two walked me through the process and what to expect in publishing my children's book. I am proud to say that I absolutely love my book! I couldn't be happier. From the illustrations to the look and feel of the final product, I am thrilled! Thank you, Old Mate Media!
– Terri Wise, Author
Cupcake Tales 

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Old Mate Media is a multi-award winning husband and wife team that has assembled over 20 years of experience in the global publishing industry. Chris and Kate have dedicated themselves to using their skills and knowledge to help indie authors not only realise their dreams in a cost-effective manner, but to learn about the process and take control of their destiny.

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Old Mate Media publishes the BEST children's books
Old Mate Media’s founder Chris Stead is an award-winning, bestselling writer who makes old-fashioned children’s picture books. The focus is on action, adventure and imagination, always with a healthy splash of humour. In particular, Chris’ award nominated interactive digital design shine through on formats such as iOS. These push back the boundaries on what is possible from a children’s picture book. We also publish novels, cookbooks, comics, video games guides and more, in our diverse and popular library. Take a look insde and enjoy the very best of self-published inide author content.
March 11, 2021
Eat Well, Feel Great
Discover 25 Healthy, Satisfying Recipes to Help You Look Fabulous and Feel Amazing. Eat Well, Feel Great is the healthy cookbook for busy women. This wholefoods cookbook will show you that delicious and nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring, bland or complicated.
February 10, 2021
Trouble At The Zoo
A mischievous little elephant called Tiny who causes mayhem at the city zoo when she uses the keeper’s keys to unlock her cage and those of her animal friends. Together the animal kids and their parents head off to explore the world on a big adventure.
February 10, 2021
Kate’s Thermo Cookbook – Top 50 Family Recipes
Your Guide to Easy Family Cooking for your Thermomix.
February 10, 2021
My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home
How lucky is this little girl? Her mother has baked her a massive cake for her birthday party. There is so much leftover, however, it cannot fit in the fridge. How much mess can she make on her quest to hide the cake without getting in trouble?
February 10, 2021
Game Guy Season 1
Plagued by pirates? Troubled by trolls? Game Guy is the console powered super hero for you!
February 10, 2021
A Very Strange Zoo
You’ve never encountered a book about animals like A Very Strange Zoo before. What if your creative STEAM inventions, your DIY kid's projects, were brought to life?
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Superheroes Wear Masks children’s picture book out now

Award-winning author Chris Stead releases Superheroes Wear Masks, a children’s picture book that will help kids deal with their COVID anxiety. There are very few people in the world that haven’t been impacted by COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic. For adults it has been hard going, but at least mature humans have a better chance […]

Gentle George children’s chapter book out now

Old Mate Media has released Gentle George, a chapter book for early readers that explores the importance of friendship and bravery. Working in a mine has never been a safe career, but it was even worse in the past. Before robots and vehicles and modern safety equipment. Back then, it was all done by hand. […]

Adam Nexus by Nicholas Abdilla and Chris Stead out now

The third book in the epic sci-fi book saga Adam X, Adam Nexus, is available now in paperback and on Kindle. Is there a more exciting new science-fiction series on Earth than Adam X? What about across the universe? Or the known dimensions? We like to think not. Adam X blends history, science, humour, religion […]

Author Interview with Timmy Miller

Timmy Miller is a fellow Aussie author whose love of firing up children's imagination speaks to my own heart. Discover his publishing journey in today's interview. Tell us about your book? The imagination Box is the story a young boy named Orin & his Mum. Orin ropes his tired Mum into playing with a seemingly […]

Best Black Friday deals for authors in 2020

It’s Black Friday and there are deals and more deals everywhere! I’m going to share just a few of the good ones that I’ve spotted for authors in our article. Do let me know if you see any others we should include. ProWriting Aid ProWritingAid is a grammar guru, style editor and writing mentor in […]

Author Interview with Shaneisha Dodson

Shaneisha Dodson is an author on a mission to empower girls. Her book stars a female superhero, Sugamama and is only the first of a whole series that's on the way.  Discover more as we chat to Shaneisha. Tell us about your book? The Adventures of Sugamama is a picture book suitable for children between […]
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