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Author Interview with Julie Stamm

October 27, 2020 
Today we’re talking to Julie Stamm about her first book Some Days We. Julie's beautiful story will move and inspire you. Discover her unique background to authorship in our interview. Tell us about your book? Written from the perspective of a young child, Some Days We…  tackles the serious issue of parenting with a chronic […]

Apple reveals key Christmas dates for authors

October 19, 2020 
If you’re an indie author hoping to get your book put on Apple Books before Christmas, there are some key dates to keep in mind. Update: Christmas is done and dusted for another year. We'll update this page ahead of Christmas 2021 with the ne dates as soon as they are announced. It makes sense […]

Author Interview with Cherelle Yarbrough

October 12, 2020 
Today's authors Cherelle and Amari Yarbrough have turned the tables on expectations. Their book, The Elle Rays embraces feminine sci-fi heroes and empowering story lines. Discover more in our interview with Cherelle Yarbrough. Tell us about your book? The Elle Rays is a sci-fi adventure book series for early readers. It follows the journey of […]

Four reasons to do a read aloud on YouTube

October 6, 2020 
Have you done a Read Aloud of your book as yet? This can be something quite challenging for many introverted authors, but it’s a great thing to do. Here we share four great reasons to do a read aloud – and one big reason not to! A Read Aloud Shares Your Vision of Your Book […]

Author Interview with Celina Lagnado

September 29, 2020 
Today's interview with Celina Lagnado shows how you can weave environmental themes into a picture book for toddlers. Discover more as we chat to Celina. Tell us about your book? The book is a short story for toddlers and small kids about a little monster who loves to collect items from nature and store them […]

Author Interview with Audrey Sauble

September 15, 2020 
Today we’re talking to Audrey Sauble. Audrey's books offer a compelling mix of education and fun as she introduces children to some unusual animals. Discover why she's stepped beyond the cute and cuddly in our interview. Tell us about your book? My newest book, Shrimp, Shrimp, Cuttlefish, is a science-themed activity book about marine invertebrates […]

Introducing Ask Kate – your indie author answer service

September 7, 2020 
There are always so many questions for new authors and experienced authors. The learning journey to publish is a big one. And sometimes when you ask these questions, you get so many responses you end up more confused than ever. We’re here to help. Ask me your questions and I will give you one answer […]

# Guide: How to Shape Story in A Children’s Book Adventure

September 4, 2020 
There are many kinds of picture books, but if you want to tell a good adventure story, here is an approach I find works well. My children are my muse. I listen to the way they interpret the world and watch the way they play make believe. It provides an invaluable insight into how they engage […]

Author Interview with Ruth Flynn

September 1, 2020 
Today we’re talking to Ruth Flynn. Ruth has created a truly inspirational book introducing children to some extraordinary women in history. Discover who and the story behind the creation in our interview.   Tell us about your book? My book is an introductory biography for children about Royal, Bold and Warrior women who ruled countries […]

5 valuable author lessons I learnt on my family holiday

August 25, 2020 
If you're deep in the writerslife it can be hard to keep up with latest and greatest lessons for authors, but sometimes they're right in front of you. A break and a change of scenery often brings space to breathe and clarity of thought. I do find that our family life provides regular lessons that […]
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