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# Guide: How to Shape Story in A Children’s Book Adventure

September 4, 2020 
There are many kinds of picture books, but if you want to tell a good adventure story, here is an approach I find works well. My children are my muse. I listen to the way they interpret the world and watch the way they play make believe. It provides an invaluable insight into how they engage […]

Author Interview with Ruth Flynn

September 1, 2020 
Today we’re talking to Ruth Flynn. Ruth has created a truly inspirational book introducing children to some extraordinary women in history. Discover who and the story behind the creation in our interview.   Tell us about your book? My book is an introductory biography for children about Royal, Bold and Warrior women who ruled countries […]

5 valuable author lessons I learnt on my family holiday

August 25, 2020 
If you're deep in the writerslife it can be hard to keep up with latest and greatest lessons for authors, but sometimes they're right in front of you. A break and a change of scenery often brings space to breathe and clarity of thought. I do find that our family life provides regular lessons that […]

3 essential tips for your book publishing plan

August 24, 2020 
Why a publishing plan? Businesses of every type, including authors, need a business plan. Don’t think you can skip by on this important step because you are a creative. Every author can benefit from a publishing plan, your version of a business plan. 1. Focus When you create a publishing plan you need to focus […]

Author Interview with Adam and Jennifer Young

August 18, 2020 
Today we’re celebrating Couples Day by talking to author/illustrator duo Adam and Jennifer Young. Adam's absolutely gorgeous art brings to life a story of diversity and acceptance of differences through an unusual main character. Learn more in our interview. Tell us about your book? Our book is about a little Red Shed that wakes one […]

Author Interview with Arnav Mishra

August 3, 2020 
Today we're talking to Arnav Mishra. Arnav is a 15 year old author from California, who has published his first middle grade fantasy adventure novel, Jason Spark. Discover the inspiration behind his book and hear some tips he has to share about encouraging kids to read. Tell us about your book? Jason Spark: The Elementalist is […]

Five star review for Can You See The Magic

July 30, 2020 
Old Mate Media is very excited to share a fantastic review and a special to celebrate one of our favourite books, Can You See The Magic. Enjoy Can You See The Magic's five star review from Readers Favorite. What is Readers' Favorite? Readers' Favorite is one of the internet's most respected book review websites. The […]

The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide is out now on Amazon

July 28, 2020 
Veteran games journalist Chris Stead has released a Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide that has everything you need to know about the console; from Mario to Zelda, Pokémon to Inklings. Nintendo needed a huge success story in March 2017. After its failure with the Wii U, a console that fizzled out of interest without barely making […]

Author Interview with Dori Durbin

July 24, 2020 
Today we’re talking to Dori Durbin. Dori's gorgeous book Little Cat Needs Space addresses sibling relationships in a colourful and entertaining way. Find out her unique inspiration in our interview. Tell us about your book? Hi! My name is Dori Durbin. I’m the author and illustrator of the book, Little Cat Needs Space. In my […]

Author Interview with Vicky Weber

July 18, 2020 
Today we’re talking to Vicky Weber.  Vicky has created some fantastic stories with a distinct musical twist. Discover the inspiration behind her books in our interview. Tell us about your book? Right now, I have two different kinds of books: those that are inspired by my Hispanic roots and those that are influenced by my […]
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