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Willy Nilly is The Fastest Kid in the World - out now

June 14, 2016 
The third book in The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly by series Chris Stead is out now on iTunes and Amazon. The world exclusive reveal of The Fastest Kid in the World cover Start your engines… well push your billycarts actually. Willy Nilly is back in his third big adventure and it’s his most action-packed […]

Game Guy interview with creator Nicholas Abdilla

June 10, 2016 
Following the launch of Season 1 of his comic video game satire Game Guy, I have a chat with its creator, Nicholas Abdilla. When I first met Nick, he was as a reader. A genuine video games fan, he would read through Game Informer each month – of which I was editor at the time […]

How to shape story in a children’s book adventure

June 7, 2016 
There are many kinds of picture books, but if you want to tell a good adventure story, here is an approach I find works well. My children are my muse. I listen to the way they interpret the world and watch the way they play make believe. It provides an invaluable insight into how they engage […]

My daughter likes to suck things off the floor

April 23, 2016 
For all the good it’s doing her long-term immunity, I'm concerned by my daughter's never-ending desire to lick parts of the city. I often wonder if we get more prone to illness as we get older, or if we just get harder hit because we go too far in practicing cleanliness? My children are an argument […]

Willy Nilly's The Fastest Kid in the World cover reveal

April 22, 2016 
Enjoy the first official look at The Fastest Kid in the World, the third book in Chris Stead’s The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly children’s picture book series. Get excited picture book fans, our wonderful artist Ronzkie has just submitted the final image for the third Willy Nilly book. The last puzzle piece to fall […]

Willy Nilly stars in the Manly Daily

April 20, 2016 
Major Sydney newspaper, The Manly Daily, has published a write-up on Old Mate Media and our star character, Willy Nilly. The Manly Daily servers the entire Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, where I was born and raised. As such, it has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. This […]

Guide: text layout in a children's picture book

April 6, 2016 
When you are thinking about the layout for the digital ePub version of your children’s book, what is the best way to display your text? Children’s picture books are named largely due to the focus on the art in their layout, but the text remains vitally important. It is through your words that you can give […]

My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home out now on Apple Books

April 6, 2016 
Looking for a tasty new Children’s Picture Book to read the kids at bedtime? Look no further than the latest book from author Chris Stead. Previously available via Amazon for the Kindle, I'm happy to announce today that my latest picture book, My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home has just arrived on Apple Books. Your […]

Could Willy Nilly 3 be the best children's book in the series yet?

April 1, 2016 
So I’m very close to finishing off the third book in The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series, which is quite exciting. The art for the last of the main images is in and I have a stack of great character renders and backgrounds to use in some marketing material - bet you can't wait […]
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