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How to use Payoneer for your royalty payments

Selling books on Amazon is very easy to set up. But, if you live in certain countries, it’s much harder to actually receive your royalties. Payoneer provides an easy to use solution and we’ll talk you through how it works. What is Payoneer? Payoneer is a financial services company that provides online money transfer and […]
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How to use Draft2Digital to reach a bigger audience

It’s an endless debate amongst indie authors, exclusive or wide? Especially with your digital books. If you want to stretch your books to an audience beyond Amazon, Draft2Digital offers an easy solution. We’ll take you through what it’s all about, and how to use it to broaden your audience. What is Draft2Digital? Draft2Digital is at […]
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How to convert your children’s book into a children’s book app

If you want to increase the discoverability of your books by the one billion strong Apple iTunes audience, we can help convert it to a children’s book app.   You know what’s really annoying? Apple’s iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, provide the best digital eBook experiences on the market. However, these books […]
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Seeds and Trees a three times bestseller

Brandon Walden’s delightful exploration into the power of words, Seeds and Trees, goes to the top with a bullet. For the last couple of months we have been working with American author Brandon Walden on his book Seeds and Trees. It’s a truly delightful tale. It focuses on a young prince who gathers and plants […]
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Understanding full bleed printing and how to design for bleed area

Understanding bleeds in printing and how they affect your images is vital! If you’re creating your own art, a self-publishing indie, or just working on your cover, it’s important you define bleed area accurately before you begin your image. Remember the line in Predator when Arnie, muscles bulging out ridiculously from every inch of his body, […]
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Austin the Australian is in production

Old Mate Media reveals a brand new children’s picture book taking kids to the land down under. There’s nothing quite as exciting as starting a new children’s picture book, and it’s something we get to do a lot here at Old Mate Media. Our latest project is particularly close to our hearts, given that we're […]
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Why IngramSpark’s new trim size is great news for children’s book makers

IngramSpark has just added a much needed new landscape trim size to its book options, although it comes with some caveats. Today IngramSpark announced a new trim size and not a moment too soon. The company's print-on-demand (POD) customers can now design a book to be landscape at 11-inches wide by 8.5-inches tall. This is great […]
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66% of children’s book readers seek better book design

Whether you’re hiring a designer and artist, or doing it all yourself, make no mistake, book design is one of the key indicators for purchase by children’s book readers. It’s right there in the name: picture book. Your lovely words help drive the story forward and flipping through each page, but the illustrations and design are […]
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Author Danny Blitz interview + free book bonus

Old Mate Media talks to author Danny Blitz about her just released, bestselling children’s picture book Much To Do Before A Dog. Author Danny Blitz and illustrator Sheridan Blitz are a mother-daughter team who’ve turned a true story into one of the cutest children’s picture books you’ll ever read. It’s about teaching responsibility. Sheridan, represented […]
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Old Mate Media up for Local Business Awards

Celebrating more success for our book publishing business, we’re a finalist in the Local Business Awards. Founded almost four years ago by media and publishing veteran Chris Stead, Old Mate Media has passed many memorable milestones. We’ve released numerous children’s books, a cookbook and a comic book. There have also been a number of video […]
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