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It's important to keep up to date with all the latest indie author news. It's just not about who is releasing new books and getting essential tips on how to best succeed in your self-publishing journey. Knowing the latest self-publishing news also keeps you informed of new printers, changes in production costs, additional distribution models, government incentives and plenty more. It’s news that can impact your book's chances of success. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a thing.

Author Interview with Jenna Hinkel

May 25, 2020 
Come behind the scenes and join us as we chat to first time author and illustrator Jenna Hinkel. Discover just how collecting endless children's books led her down the path to becoming a published children's author. We've got a video interview with Jenna and a written interview in this blog for you to enjoy.   […]

Kobo reveals 60% growth in eBook sales

May 19, 2020 
One of the biggest online retailers of books, Kobo, has revealed huge growth in eBook consumption during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Digital books haven’t had the smoothest of journeys over the past decade. Some years have seen growth, others have seen declines, but generally eBooks has been slowly climbing in popularity. It’s a shame given […]

Author Interview with Kim Ann

May 19, 2020 
Kim Ann is our latest indie author sharing her tips and tricks. Her colourful stories have come to life as children's books. Discover the simple and effective methods she is using to create and sell these gorgeous stories. How many books have you written and how many have you published? I have written eight picture […]

How to publish on both KDP and IngramSpark

May 12, 2020 
To maximise your reach, you should publish your book on both KDP and IngramSpark. Here's your step by step guide. Why publish to both KDP and IngramSpark? As you complete your book, you may be wondering how you will now reach customers and get your own copies. Using a print on demand service is the […]

Author Interview with Eric Van Tuyl

May 6, 2020 
Come behind the scenes and join us as we chat to author and illustrator Eric Van Tuyl. Eric shares a little about his latest book, A Tough Nut to Crack and his journey to becoming a published children's author. Tell us about your books? My book is about a macadamia nut ( character) who does […]

Bologna Children’s Book Fair – online special edition

April 28, 2020 
The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is one of the highlights of the children’s book publishing calendar. Given its location in Italy the live event had to be first postponed and then cancelled this year. However, it is very exciting to share that Bologna are staging a digital edition from the 4-7 May under the banner, […]

Children’s book Let the Sad Thoughts Out by Chris Stead is out now

April 21, 2020 
Award-winning author Chris Stead has released a new children’s picture book that helps parents improve the mental health of their kids. It’s not easy to talk about your feelings. Even as adults, many of us still struggle to take the turmoil boiling up inside of us and to express it in a way that makes […]

Best isolation activities for kids guide book - out now

April 11, 2020 
Old Mate Media has been stuck in isolation parenting hell, so we’ve put together a curated list of the best at home activities you can do with your kids for free. Thinking up new isolation activities for kids is quite tedious. We thought home-schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic was bad, but the school holidays made […]

Welcome to my rant about isolation with kids

March 31, 2020 
Well this is a new world order isn’t it. And not one that I like. Suddenly myself and my husband are solely responsible for our children’s education, mental health, physical health, dietary needs and general well-being. This is not fun. I miss my village. If you are enjoying this time with your children, it’s probably […]

Author Interview with Cara Kansala

March 24, 2020 
Today we are going behind the scenes with author and illustrator Cara Kansala. She has produced a gorgeous picture book, The Moon King. It is colourful and vibrant, perfect for bedtime reading. Tell us about your books? The Moon King is a playful goat – the guardian of the Moon and night sky. One evening, […]
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