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2018 by numbers for Old Mate Media

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The best new Christmas book for kids stars Willy Nilly

Old Mate Media’s new release children’s book Christmas Chimney Challenge is available now in print and as an eBook via Amazon Paperback, Amazon Kindle and Apple Books. Willy Nilly has a problem. There is only two days left till Christmas and he has just realised his house does not have a chimney. If he has […]
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What is Cryptocurrency? Book arrives on Amazon

Award-winning writer Chris Stead and the team at Crypto Finder announce the release of the book What is Cryptocurrency: Your complete guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond. Cash has been traded out for cards, but soon cards will be traded out for cryptocurrency. This emerging new business technology has taken the world by storm, becoming […]
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Controversy at the IngramSpark indie publishing forum

At the Indie Publishing Forum in Sydney, Australia, Robyn Cutler - the head of IngramSpark - said something quite controversial. But it provided an insight self-published indie authors shouldn't miss. I recently attended the Indie Publishing Forum and it was quite fantastic. It was great not only being among other indie authors, but also hearing […]
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Five star review for My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home

Old Mate Media is very excited to share some positive news about one of our books. My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home by Chris Stead has received a five star review from Readers' Favorite.   What is Readers' Favorite? If you've ever gone looking for book reviews, chances are you've come across Readers' Favorite. […]
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How does Createspace merging with KDP Paperback affect you?

In news that no one is surprised to hear, this week Amazon announced that  Createspace and KDP are going to be merged into one operation. Effectively with KDP taking over Createspace. Whilst predicted since the roll out of KDP Paperback, now that it's here, what does it mean for you?How is Createspace merging with KDP […]
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Head of IngramSpark gives her top 12 tips for indie authors

Old Mate Media was at the Indie Publishing Forum, where the head of IngramSpark, Robin Cutler, offered her advice and tips for self-publishing indie authors. Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural Indie Publishing Forum in Sydney. This fantastic event brought together more than 100 indie authors, booksellers and publishers to […]
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Announcing Eat Well, Feel Great – a healthy eating cookbook

Health coach Abigail Booth from Vitality Health Coaching has joined forces with Old Mate Media to publish her first cookbook. I’m a mum to three children (2, 5 and 7) and it's hard work. The fact that I have to flip through a cookbook and prepare food for not only them, but also us (mum and […]
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Seeds and Trees a three times bestseller

Brandon Walden’s delightful exploration into the power of words, Seeds and Trees, goes to the top with a bullet. For the last couple of months we have been working with American author Brandon Walden on his book Seeds and Trees. It’s a truly delightful tale. It focuses on a young prince who gathers and plants […]
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Sci-Fi saga Adam Exitus now available on Audible

Book 1 of sci-fi novel series Adam X by Australian author Nicholas Abdilla is available now on Audible. One of our favourite projects here at Old Mate Media is the Adam X series. We began working with visionary science-fiction writer Nicholas Abdilla in 2015. First, we published his comic series Game Guy, a satirical soap […]
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