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Understanding your child’s school report card in NSW Australia

In New South Wales public schools, if you get your child’s school report card and hope to see straight A’s you’re set to be disappointed. Grades aren’t what they used to be. Everybody likes to think their child has plenty going on upstairs; despite frequent evidence to the contrary. Be honest; they couldn’t find their […]
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Indie author industry news - May 2019

There's been some interesting stuff happening in the publishing world and we wanted to share it with you in an easy bite size read. IngramSpark is running a fabulous competition. IngramSpark is giving authors the chance to display their books at various book fairs for free! Get in fast as the comp ends on the […]
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Follow The Breadcrumbs launches in print with a FREE special

Finally it’s here! Follow the Breadcrumbs is now available in print format. We have officially launched our print editions in both hardcover and paperback of this, the second adventure in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series.   Where Does Willy Nilly’s Imagination Go This Time? This adventure starts with an ordinary trip to the […]
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Five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs

Old Mate Media is very excited to share some positive news about one of our books. Readers' Favorite has awarded a five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs.  What is Readers' Favorite? Readers' Favorite is one of our favourite (ha ha) review sites. You can find reveiws of all sorts of books on there, from […]
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IngramSpark price increase for self-published authors explained

An IngramSpark price increase has just been announced for the production of all books and this is how it will impact self-published authors.   It always sends a sudden down the spine when you see the words “price increase” in the subject of an email. So it was when IngramSpark sent out an email today. […]
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2018 by numbers for Old Mate Media

2018 was a big year for us here at Old Mate Media. We discovered pretty early on that it was going to be some juggle. Other than our (Chris and Kate) vital role bringing up three young children - there's a year's work right there - we were also doing a full rebuild of the […]
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The best new Christmas book for kids stars Willy Nilly

Old Mate Media’s new release children’s book Christmas Chimney Challenge is available now in print and as an eBook via Amazon Paperback, Amazon Kindle and Apple Books. Willy Nilly has a problem. There is only two days left till Christmas and he has just realised his house does not have a chimney. If he has […]
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What is Cryptocurrency? Book arrives on Amazon

Award-winning writer Chris Stead and the team at Crypto Finder announce the release of the book What is Cryptocurrency: Your complete guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond. Cash has been traded out for cards, but soon cards will be traded out for cryptocurrency. This emerging new business technology has taken the world by storm, becoming […]
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Controversy at the IngramSpark indie publishing forum

At the Indie Publishing Forum in Sydney, Australia, Robyn Cutler - the head of IngramSpark - said something quite controversial. But it provided an insight self-published indie authors shouldn't miss. I recently attended the Indie Publishing Forum and it was quite fantastic. It was great not only being among other indie authors, but also hearing […]
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Five star review for My Birthday Cake Needs a New Home

Old Mate Media is very excited to share some positive news about one of our books. My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home by Chris Stead has received a five star review from Readers' Favorite.   What is Readers' Favorite? If you've ever gone looking for book reviews, chances are you've come across Readers' Favorite. […]
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