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Then The Tooth Fairy Won’t Come review - children's book reviews

April 13, 2017 
Author Bonnie Ferrante bites into the drama that surrounds your child’s first loose tooth Prolific Canadian writer Bonnie Ferrante is an intriguing figure in the indie authoring scene. A teacher for 33 years, ten as the school’s librarian, she has since been battling Parkinson’s Disease. Fighting back against this life-altering condition, Bonnie writes and illustrates […]

Editing for indie authors testimonial

April 5, 2017 
Old Mate Media offers a world-class editing for indie authors service and works with novels, picture books, magazines and more for a global release. In the long journey from formulating an idea for a book, to getting it published, the editing process is the most important. A professional editor does more than just put the […]

Guide to hiring an editor - do not confuse sub-editing with editing

April 4, 2017 
When hiring an editor to help finalise your book, be sure you know what type of editing service you are purchasing. Have you hired a sub-editor or an editor? With all due respect to the many hardworking sub-editors in publishing, there is a difference between that profession, and that of an editor. A sub-editor, sometimes […]

Start With Sorry - children's book reviews

April 3, 2017 
Author P.T Finch teams with illustrator Gokhan Bas to teach children a lesson on empathy Author-artist team P.T Finch and Gokhan Bas are looking to build a series of books that teach toddlers about empathy. Finch, a resident of New York City, is passionate about not only breaking down and explaining empathy to children, but […]

Bean Takes a Walk – children’s book reviews

April 2, 2017 
Two long time collaborators from opposite sides of the world tell a curious tale about a wandering bean. Despite living on opposite sides of the world, author Ann Bevans and artist Matthew Ethan Gray have been collaborating for a long time. The former is a pizza-loving gym junkie from Maryland, USA. The latter a photographer […]

The Moon in Daytime – children’s book reviews

March 31, 2017 
Author Leigh Kamraoui and illustrator Louise Whyte ponder the reasons why the moon shows up during the day. All parents know that look of horror and wonder that appears on a child’s face when the moon appears during the day. How can it be? What is happening? They point at the sky as if it’s […]

4 great ways to get grandparents reading to your kids

March 30, 2017 
Raising children is no easy task, and finding a way to get grandparents reading to your kids can help ease the pressure on you, without holding back their literacy growth. Parents are some of the busiest people on the planet. Scratch that: the busiest! I know what it is like to be a parent. To […]

Lulu and Lainey A French Yarn – children's book review

March 24, 2017 
Author Lois Petren and illustrator Tanja Russita take children on the magical little adventure of a little girl who loves to knit. As soon as I saw the cover for Lulu and Lainey … a French Yarn, I knew I was in for a treat. Then I saw the opening dedication. “For every child who […]

Two Knights and a Princess – children’s picture book reviews

March 19, 2017 
A delightful adventure tale from author Tara Thomas-Sanderson about three children discovering the joys of playing together by making compromises and showing acceptance of each other. Two Knights and a Princess Story Overview Everyone understands the joy of playtime. This rhyming picture book has all the elements of an engaging adventure story and it’s sure to […]

Stunno’s Surf Adventure review

March 13, 2017 
An enjoyable yarn about riding the waves of the Aussie surfing lifestyle that teaches kids about the benefits of optimism. Residing in southern Australia, not far from the famously long lines of Bell’s Beach, indie author Mark Reside loves to surf. He also loves to read rhyming books to his two daughters, so it should […]
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