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It's important to keep up to date with all the latest indie author news. It's just not about who is releasing new books and getting essential tips on how to best succeed in your self-publishing journey. Knowing the latest self-publishing news also keeps you informed of new printers, changes in production costs, additional distribution models, government incentives and plenty more. It’s news that can impact your book's chances of success. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a thing.

Tigger and Jasper’s New Home review

May 26, 2017 
Author Cheryl Gillespie and illustrator Michael LeBlanc open a unique door into the life of a blind woman, and her love for her two cats. Cheryl Gillespie is blind. She has been since her early childhood. It’s a telling fact about this unique indie author that makes her desire to create a children’s picture book all […]

Willy Nilly series bundle now available on Amazon

May 26, 2017 
Now you can buy or gift all three kindle books from The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly range together in the Willy Nilly Series Bundle. Do you own a Kindle? Do you have children? Well we’ve got some good news. The Willy Nilly Series Bundle has just launched on Amazon. You can now buy the […]

Old Mate Media up for Local Business Awards

May 23, 2017 
Celebrating more success for our book publishing business, we’re a finalist in the Local Business Awards. Founded almost four years ago by media and publishing veteran Chris Stead, Old Mate Media has passed many memorable milestones. We’ve released numerous children’s books, a cookbook and a comic book. There have also been a number of video […]

Nicholas Abdilla book signing this June

May 21, 2017 
We are super excited to announce the Nicholas Abdilla book signing. The author of sci-fi sensation, Adam Exitus, is appearing in Melbourne on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Earlier this year, Old Mate Media edited, designed and published Adam Exitus for author Nicholas Abdilla. As a result, it's exciting to be able to reveal the date […]

Announcing Much to do Before a Dog – a children’s picture book

May 18, 2017 
Author and Artist duo Danny and Sheridan Blitz have joined the Old Mate Media family for their upcoming children’s picture book. We’ve got an extremely exciting announcement for all book lovers and parents out there. Old Mate Media is working on the production of a brand new children’s picture book for mother-daughter team Danny and […]

The Very Loving Caterpillar - children's picture book review

May 17, 2017 
Author Sean Browne uses a gloriously illustrated children’s picture book to impart a lesson on love and community. Sean Browne fell into the production of his children’s picture book, The Very Loving Caterpillar, in an unusual way. He was actually looking to make a film around caterpillars and butterflies, and it was only after a […]

The woman behind the books: musings on motherhood

May 13, 2017 
Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and grandmothers and even great grandmothers out there in the world as we celebrate the great domain of motherhood. I’m Kate, wife to Chris, founder of Old Mate Media and I’m the coordinator mastermind working behind the scenes in the business. (No false modesty here). One of our […]

The Magic Leaf - children's picture book review

May 11, 2017 
Canadian author Mary Feliciani explores the value of friendship in her children’s picture book, The Magic Leaf.   With a background in psychology and a career as a school teacher, it’s fair to say Mary Feliciani is well positioned to write for children. The Magic Leaf is her second children’s book, following on from Big […]

Old Mate Media’s Chris Stead up for writing award

May 10, 2017 
The IT Journalism event finalists have been announced and Old Mate Media founder Chris Stead is in the running for a writing award. Now in its 15th year, the IT Journo awards – more commonly known as The Lizzies – are about to be announced. On May 12, the finalists and industry will converge on […]

Blue Troll's Broken Berry Rod review - children’s book

April 23, 2017 
The first entry in author Annabel Schiøtz’s troll series offers a delightful little tale for young readers with big imaginations. Author Annabel Schiøtz likes trolls and dragons. She sees them in the forest when she walks her dog; well, bushes, branches and trees shaped as she would imagine trolls must look. She takes photos of […]
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