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Day 3: Lucky's Adventure

The book for day 3 our 12 Books of Christmas is Lucky's Adventure by Elizabeth Macy. About the Book Lucky and her doggie friends enjoy a winter wonderland adventure, filled with snowshoeing, skating, skiing and sledding. Inspired by the lucky life she now has, Lucky brings her pals on a surprise visit to a rescue […]
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Day 1: Christmas Chimney Challenge

The book for day 1 of our 12 Books of Christmas is Christmas Chimney Challenge by Chris Stead. About the Book It’s with this simple idea that Willy’s big imagination gets him into trouble yet again. With so many more chimneys arriving the day before Christmas, the elves and their toy factory can’t keep up. […]
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Day 2: Arial The Secret Santa

The book for day 2 of our 12 Books of Christmas is Arial the Secret Santa by Mary Nhin About the Book: Follow Arial through her day at school, in her community, in nature where your child will learn how easy it can be to share kindness. From giving a compliment to smiling at someone […]
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My Birthday Cake Gets a New Home in print

We’re very excited to share that we are launching new paperback edition and updated digital editions of one of our cutest books, My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home. You can get the paperback now for the bargain price of $8.99 and the Apple Books version for FREE! The Biggest Birthday Cake EVER! My Birthday […]
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How to upload to KDP: Get your book metadata sorted

What is Book Metadata? This is all the information that you upload to KDP and other retailers that positions your book on the storefronts. It ranges from essential details like the price, to sales components like keywords and categories. We’ll take you through exactly what you need for KDP and share a nifty trick to […]
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Does a Kindle countdown promotion deliver a rankings boost?

What happens when you use a kindle countdown promotion rather than the free days in KDP Select? We tested it out with one of our children’s books and it gave some interesting results. I’ll take you through the steps we followed and the results to help you make the decision if a Kindle Countdown is […]
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Amazon sales page tips - 3 easy ways to improve Amazon sales of your children's book

For better or worse, Amazon has the biggest audience and therefore sales opportunity for your children’s picture book. Enjoy these tips in our Amazon sales guide. At Old Mate Media, we work with authors all around the world to help them create the best children’s book possible, presented in the best possible way. As well […]
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Case study: running a free book promotion on Amazon

Many authors run use a free book promotion as an effective tool to market and promote their book. How do you run one? What do you need to consider and how much does it cost? We take you through the steps and results of our free book promotion for Follow the Breadcrumbs. History of Follow […]
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Follow The Breadcrumbs launches in print with a FREE special

Finally it’s here! Follow the Breadcrumbs is now available in print format. We have officially launched our print editions in both hardcover and paperback of this, the second adventure in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series.   Where Does Willy Nilly’s Imagination Go This Time? This adventure starts with an ordinary trip to the […]
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Five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs

Old Mate Media is very excited to share some positive news about one of our books. Readers' Favorite has awarded a five star review for Follow The Breadcrumbs.  What is Readers' Favorite? Readers' Favorite is one of our favourite (ha ha) review sites. You can find reveiws of all sorts of books on there, from […]
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